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Strengthen Website Security: Fortify Your Digital Haven with WP Notifier, Secure Your Website Swiftly!

4 December 2023

Strengthen Website Security: Fortify Your Digital Haven with WP Notifier, Secure Your Website Swiftly!

Today unfolded as anything but routine when I logged into my website, stumbling upon a startling revelation as i shocked with Website Security. The login attempt graph caught my eye, revealing an astonishing 110 unsuccessful unauthorized login attempts! Panic set in as I grasped the reality that my site’s security was under threat.

Promptly, I took charge, logging into my site to reinforce its defenses against potential breaches. In these critical moments, time is of the essence, and it was precisely then that the WP Notifier to Slack plugin emerged as my saving grace.

Website Security

🔐 WP Notifier to Slack: Empower Your Website Security Vigilance

This extraordinary plugin had my back, keeping me informed in real-time about unauthorized login attempts. Its seamless integration with Slack ensured swift notifications, enabling me to take immediate action before any significant damage could transpire.

With the WP Notifier to Slack plugin, I transcended being merely a site owner; I became a vigilant guardian of my online domain. The plugin’s timely alerts bestowed upon me the power to thwart potential threats and shield my website from malicious intruders.

site desk image


  1. Support Channel Review: Receive instant notifications of support cases and reviews for your released plugins. Stay on top of feedback to enhance user experience.
  2. Live Monitoring of Plugin Pages: Get immediate alerts when a plugin is activated or removed. Enhance site security with real-time monitoring.
  3. WordPress and Plugin-Related Update Notifications: Stay informed about the latest plugin and WordPress core updates. Keep your site secure and up-to-date.
  4. Unlimited Notification Sync: Sync as many notifications as you want with your added plugins. No limits, no compromises.
  5. Review Notification: Instant notifications about new reviews for your plugin from on your Slack channel.
  6. Plugin Activation/Deactivation Alert: Know when your plugin is activated or deactivated on any website.
  7. WP Core Update Notification: Get alerted when a new WordPress Core update is available.
  8. Plugin Update Notification: Stay in the loop when a new update for your plugin is released.
  9. Login/Logout Alert: Receive notifications when someone logs in or out of your website.
  10. New User Registration Alert: Be notified when a new user registers on your website.
  11. Site Health Notification: Stay informed about site health issues that need attention.
  12. Product Stock/Out of Stock Notification: Get notified when a product is low on stock or out of stock.
  13. Comment Moderation Notification: Be alerted when a new comment is posted and needs moderation.
  14. Corn Job API: Use Corn API to get responses even if you’re not logged in.
  15. Dynamic Dashboard: Access an advanced admin panel displaying daily login/logout attempts and more.
  16. Website Health Score: Get a rating on your website’s current condition.
lock screen


  1. Enable Day-to-Day Notification for Review: Receive daily updates on new reviews to your Slack account.
  2. Enable Day-to-Day Notification for Support: Get daily updates on new support queries directly to your Slack account.
  3. Enable Weekly Plugin Download Notification: Receive weekly notifications on how many users have downloaded your plugin.
  4. User Role Change Notification: Stay informed when a user’s role is upgraded or modified.
  5. Lost Password? Reset Notification: Be notified if someone attempts to recover a lost password.
  6. User Account Password Change Notification: Know if someone changes their password on their account.
  7. Coupon Uses Notification: Get alerted when someone purchases a product using a coupon code.
  8. Sales Notification to Slack: Receive notifications when someone makes a purchase on your website.
  9. Unwanted Site Script Modification: Be alerted when there’s an unwanted modification in the website’s script.
  10. Site Hack or Security Issues: Stay informed about potential security issues or hacks on your website

⏰ Only 3 Hours Left – Seize Your Shield Now!

If fortifying your website’s security and fending off unwanted login attempts is a priority, do not delay – act now! With a mere 3 hours remaining, seize the chance to acquire the WP Notifier to Slack plugin. Do not leave your website exposed; arm yourself with the ultimate tool in website security.


🛡️ Key Features:

  • Real-time alerts on unauthorized login attempts
  • Seamless integration with Slack for instant notifications
  • User-friendly interface for easy monitoring and action

Do not compromise your website’s security – spring into action and secure the WP Notifier to Slack plugin now. Your website deserves top-notch protection, and with this plugin, rest assured that your online fortress stands impenetrable.

🔗 Get WP Notifier to Slack Now – Only 3 Hours Left!

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