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Best WordPress Form to WhatsApp Redirect: FormFlow – Simple Intuitive Form Builder

11 June 2024

Best WordPress Form to WhatsApp Redirect: FormFlow – Simple Intuitive Form Builder

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, companies must effectively simplify consumer interactions. WhatsApp has become a popular medium for direct and fast engagement with customers. For WordPress website owners, incorporating forms that redirect to WhatsApp can greatly increase user engagement and lead conversion. FormFlow – Simple Intuitive Form Builder is a standout solution in this arena. In this blog post, we’ll look at why FormFlow is the ideal option for generating WordPress Form to WhatsApp redirections.

Why Choose FormFlow for WordPress Form to WhatsApp Redirection?

If you communicate with customers using WhatsApp, and want WordPress Form to WhatsApp Redirection Capability, “FormFlow– Simple Intuitive Form Builder” is the appropriate answer for you. It streamlines the process of generating custom forms and integrates them with WhatsApp, allowing you to gather information from users before starting a discussion. Here’s a closer look at the qualities that make FormFlow an excellent choice:

WordPress Form to WhatsApp

Key Features of FormFlow

1. Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

FormFlow has a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create forms swiftly. You do not have to be a coding expert to create forms that match your specific needs. You may easily add, remove, and change fields thanks to the straightforward UI.

2. WhatsApp Redirection

One of FormFlow’s notable features is the ability to redirect consumers to WhatsApp after submitting a form which is known as WordPress Form to WhatsApp redirections. This functionality is ideal for businesses who rely on WhatsApp for customer service, inquiries, and sales. It ensures that you may collect important information from your users before starting the conversation on WhatsApp.

3. Contact Form 7 Integration

FormFlow works flawlessly with Contact Form 7, a well-known WordPress form plugin. This integration improves your ability to construct dynamic, interactive forms. With Contact Form 7, you can create floating forms that visitors can access from any page of your website, increasing user engagement.

4. Advanced Lead Magic

Lead generation and management are critical components of every successful organization. FormFlow has comprehensive lead management capabilities that help you capture and organize leads efficiently. FormFlow’s social redirection features allow you to acquire data rapidly and streamline your lead collection process.

5. Slack Workspaces Integration

In addition to WhatsApp redirection, FormFlow integrates with Slack. This functionality lets you collect leads directly from your Slack workplace via Slack webhooks. It’s an innovative approach to manage leads and ensure that your team responds quickly.

How to Use FormFlow for WhatsApp Redirection

Step 1: Install and Activate FormFlow

Begin by installing the FormFlow plugin from the WordPress repository. Once installed, activate the plugin to start using its features.

Step 2: Create a New Form

Navigate to the FormFlow dashboard and create a new form using the drag-and-drop builder. Customize the form fields according to the information you need from your users.

Step 3: Enable WordPress Form to WhatsApp Redirection

In the form settings, enable the WhatsApp redirection feature. Enter your WhatsApp number or a WhatsApp API URL where you want the users to be redirected after form submission.

Once you’ve configured all the settings, publish the form and embed it on your website. You can add the form to specific pages, posts, or even as a floating widget that users can access from anywhere on your site.

Benefits of Using FormFlow

Enhanced User Engagement

FormFlow increases user engagement by allowing them to set up WhatsApp communicates right from your forms. This direct contact route can result in increased satisfaction and faster reaction times.

Increased Lead Conversion

Collecting user information before referring them to WhatsApp helps to qualify leads. You can obtain critical information that can be utilized to tailor the interaction, improving the likelihood of conversion.

Simplified Form Creation

FormFlow’s drag-and-drop builder makes form creation a breeze. You can create complex forms without any technical expertise, saving time and resources.FormFlow’s drag-and-drop builder makes form growth effortless. You may develop complicated forms without requiring any technical knowledge, saving time and resources.

Streamlined Communication

Integrating Slack and FormFlow guarantees that your team can manage leads effectively. All collected leads may be routed to your Slack workplace, allowing for seamless communication and speedy follow-ups.


FormFlow: Simple and Intuitive Form Builder is the ideal solution for WordPress site owners wishing to improve client interactions using WhatsApp. Its robust features, such as drag-and-drop form creation, WhatsApp redirection, and smooth connections with Contact Form 7 and Slack, make it an essential tool for enterprises. FormFlow may help you optimize your lead generation process, increase user engagement, and improve your overall customer contact strategy.

If you want to take your client interactions to the next level, FormFlow is the plugin you need. Try it today and see the difference it may make to your WordPress site.

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