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Drag and Drop Form Builder

Creating forms easily using drag and drop form builder

Effortlessly design and customize forms to your heart’s content. Say goodbye to coding hassles and hello to a seamless form-building experience. Simply drag and drop elements to craft the perfect form that suits your needs.

CF7 Image

Contact Form 7 Integration

Experience seamless integration with Contact Form 7, enhancing your outreach capabilities and user engagement like never before. Now, harness the power of Contact Form 7 as a versatile floating form, effortlessly accessible to your users across your website.

Seamless Lead Collection

Effortlessly collect leads by placing forms anywhere on your website

  • 📝 Easy leads management.
  • 📝 Monitor user meta data.
  • 📝 Check the form submission page
  • 📝 Easy Export and manage
  • 📝 Lead and Meta Details
  • 📝 Easy filter, sort, hide-show column in leads

Redirection to WhatsApp

Now, you can offer your users the convenience of initiating a WhatsApp chat directly from your forms. Whether it’s for inquiries, support, or quick questions, this feature takes user engagement to a whole new level

Shortcode Magic


Our simple shortcode integration makes it effortless to place forms wherever you need them on your website. It’s like magic, but better!

Simply copy the shortcode and use in anywhere in the website


Floating Widgets

We understand the importance of user experience, and that’s why we’ve added Floating Widgets. These sleek and customizable widgets can be placed anywhere on your website, ensuring that your forms are easily accessible to your visitors at all times. Float your forms strategically to capture leads, gather feedback, or facilitate engagement without disrupting your website’s flow.


Easy collect leads in mail

Effortless Lead Management via Email Notifications

Receive instant lead notifications directly in your mailbox! Our form builder lets you stay on top of your leads by configuring email notifications. Get real-time updates, making it easy for you to respond promptly to your potential customers.


Comprehensive Metadata Collection

Go beyond basic form fields and gather detailed metadata about your leads. Our form builder allows you to capture additional contextual information, giving you valuable insights into user behavior. Understand your audience better with comprehensive metadata collection, helping you tailor your offerings to their needs.


Export Leads in Multiple Formats

Store Leads in Database

Seamlessly export your leads in various formats to suit your needs. Choose from JSON, CSV, PDF, or even print the lead data directly. Our form builder gives you the flexibility to manage your lead data efficiently. Capture and store leads securely in database, enabling you to revisit and analyze your lead information whenever you need it.


Cloudflare and Custom Captcha Integration

Integrate Cloudflare’s captcha into the form to ensure user authenticity and block automated bots. Alternatively, add a custom captcha requiring users to solve arithmetic problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication) for additional human verification.


Product Tutorial

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