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Best WordPress Notification Plugins in 2023

20 December 2023

Best WordPress Notification Plugins in 2023


Boost Your WooCommerce Experience with Instant Slack Notifications for Stocks, Order Status, Sales, Comments, Coupon Uses and Billing-Shipping status. Enhance your site security with a comprehensive tracking system that monitors user and editor activities at every step. Gain insights into authentication failures and other critical events to elevate your website’s defense to the next level.


WPXpertise introduced WP Notifier to Slack, a versatile Notification plugin with sophisticated built-in monitoring features for WordPress websites. It is intended to improve your website administration experience by integrating real-time notifications into your Slack workspace. WP Notifier to Slack is the perfect WordPress plugin for real-time notifications on all tasks, including WooCommerce, Author plugin reviews and assistance, and Site security. It’s also known as the WordPress Author Management and Site Security Management plugin. With WP Notifier to Slack, you can easily improve website management and security.

As a developer, if you have a WordPress ORG plugin and don’t want to spend your entire day monitoring new releases or support cases, you may leave the headaches to our plugin and get all instant notifications in your mobile Slack APP


Get notified of each event using the Slack mobile app. Observe all of your website activities with ease and without logging in. Give WP Notifier to Slack all the be concerned, and you can stress-free carry out your everyday chores.


Advanced dashboard class=

Notifier To Slack plugin has site monitoring dashboard. You will be visualize and notified promptly if any previously installed plugin is deactivated or uninstalled, or if a new plugin is added and activated in your website. Receive notifications for user registration, role changes and authentication failures with location. This allows you to block malicious users and attackers. Notifier To Slack functionality can also help plugin authors improve their response rate in responding to plugin support cases and offering better customer service. Receive daily notifications for newly created support threads, review, and receive download notifications at the end of the week.


This feature is designed to keep WordPress authors and developers updated about user reviews of their plugins or themes in real-time.
Whenever a user submits a review or rating for your WordPress plugin or Theme, the “Notifier To Slack” plugin will instantly detect this event.
The plugin captures the details of the review, including the reivew title and ratting score and the content of the review itself with review page link.


How to Add Instant Author Plugin Review Notifications


This feature likely monitors the WordPress configuration file (wp-config.php) and the .htaccess file for any unauthorized changes. If a hacker attempts to modify these files, the plugin will send a notification to the website administrator via Slack instantly, alerting them to the potential security breach.

  1. Core wp-config modification alert
  2. Core .htaccess modification alert

How to Add Instant Site Security in WP Notifier To Slack


This feature monitors user-related activities on the website. Notifier to Slack sends notifications to the admin’s Slack channel, helping them keep track of user activity on the site.

monitors user-related activities

You can see the following alerts continuously on your channel.

  1. Plugin Activation notice
  2. Plugin Deactivation notice
  3. WordPress Update notification
  4. Plugin Update notification
  5. Login/Logout alert
  6. Login event with IP location
  7. User deletion event alert
  8. New User Registration alert
  9. Authentication failed alert with IP & Location
  10. Site health notification
  11. User Role change notification
  12. Lost password? Reset notification
  13. Lost password? Reset notification
  14. User account password change notification

How to Add Instant User Activity in WP Notifier To Slack


If your WordPress website includes a WooCommerce store, this feature likely notifies the admin about important events related to product stock status and sales. This could include notifications for products going in or out of stock and sales with user and product details, all sent to Slack. Whenever a product is sold, you will notify instantly and you will know the update of the order status on every changes. When user use a coupon while purchasing a product, you will also be able notify about the product and user-related details.

  1. Product stock, out of stock Notifications
  2. Comment Moderation notifications
  3. Sales Notifications to Slack
  4. Order not completed within provided days reminder
  5. Coupon uses notification
  6. Product editor notification
  7. Shipping status notification
  8. Billing & Shipping Address notification

How to Add Instant WooCommerce Notifications in WP Notifier To Slack

With the mobile Slack in your hand, you will be aware of user feedback regarding blog posts comment, products review, and every instantaneous replay.


This feature alerts the admin whenever there are updates available for WordPress core or installed plugins. Keeping your WordPress software up-to-date is crucial for security, and this notification system helps admins stay informed about necessary updates.

How to configure Update Notifications in WP Notifier To Slack


Elevate your site theme security with our Advanced Theme Settings Panel! Take charge of your theme environment, stay informed, and add an extra layer of cool to your customization journey! 🎨✨

  1. Theme activation alert
  2. Theme deletion alert
  3. New Theme installed alert
  4. Settings General page modification alert


With our Advanced Page and Post Settings Panel, take control of your content, simplify your workflow, and enjoy a smarter, more efficient content creation journey!✨

  1. Page create or updating alert
  2. Post create or updating alert
  3. Post taxonomy alert
  4. Page/Post make trash alert
  5. Page/Post untrash alert
  6. Page/Post deleted alert

Page and Post notification feature ensures that when any post goes public, you’ll be informed without even visiting the site. Plus, many more features to streamline your content management experience!


Revolutionize your media management with our Advanced Media Settings Panel!

  1. Media Library Attachment Added Event: Be the first to know! Receive instant notifications when a new attachment is added to your media library. Stay organized and in control of your visual content.
  2. Media Library Attachment Deleted Event: Keep it tidy! Get alerts for every attachment deletion in your media library. Stay on top of changes and ensure a clutter-free media space.

Effortlessly manage your media assets and stay informed with our Advanced Media Settings Panel. Elevate your visual content game like never before! 📸✨


The “Advance Dashboard” feature in the “Notifier To Slack” WordPress plugin appears to offer an enhanced monitoring and reporting system for site administrators. Here’s what you can typically expect from an advanced dashboard feature.

  1. Real-time Site Activity: The dashboard likely provides a real-time overview of various activities happening on your WordPress website. This can include user registrations, logins, logouts, comments, sales (for WooCommerce sites), plugin updates, and more, all displayed in a single, easily accessible interface.
  2. Data Visualization: To make it more user-friendly, the advanced dashboard may present this information in the form of charts, graphs, or other visual representations. This can help administrators quickly grasp site and user activity.
  3. Integration with Slack: Given that the plugin integrates with Slack, the advanced dashboard might also allow you to configure Slack notifications directly from the settings. This could include specifying which Slack channel or workspace should receive specific types of notifications.

Overall, an advanced dashboard feature like this can be an invaluable tool for website administrators. It provides a centralized location to monitor and manage various aspects of site activity in real-time, enhancing your ability to stay informed, make informed decisions, and maintain the security and performance of your WordPress website.


  1. Support channel review – With WP Notifier to Slack, you can receive instant notifications of any support cases and reviews for your released plugins. This feature allows you to stay on top of your plugin-related support and feedback, enabling you to respond promptly and improve your users’ experience.
  2. Live Monitoring of Plugin Pages – This plugin also offers live monitoring of your plugin pages. You will receive immediate alerts whenever a plugin is activated or removed from your website. This feature enhances the security of your site, giving you peace of mind that you are always aware of any changes that occur, even when you are not present.
  3. WordPress and Plugin-Related Update Notifications -WP Notifier to Slack notifies you immediately when the latest version of a plugin becomes available or when a WordPress core update is released. This feature keeps you informed about updates related to your website, ensuring that you stay up-to-date on every field, including security.
  4. Unlimited notification sync – You can sync as many notification as you want with your added plugin.
  5. Review Notification – Get instant notifications about new reviews for your plugin from on your Slack channel.
  6. Plugin Activation/Deactivation Alert – Get notified on Slack when your plugin is activated or deactivated on any website.
  7. WP Core Update Notification – Get notified on Slack when a new WordPress Core update is available.
  8. Plugin Update Notification – Get notified on Slack when a new update for your plugin is available.
  9. Login/Logout Alert – Get notified on Slack when someone logs in or out of the website.
  10. New User Registration Alert – Get notified on Slack when a new user registers on the website.
  11. Site Health Notification – Get notified on Slack when there is a site health issue that needs attention.
  12. Product Stock/Out of Stock Notification – Get notified on Slack when a product is low on stock or out of stock.
  13. Comment Moderation Notification – Get notified on Slack when a new comment is posted on the website and needs moderation.
  14. Corn job API – Use Corn API to get the response even if you’re not logged in.
  15. Dynamic Dashboard – You may see all of the information provided by the website through this advanced admin panel, including the number of users who have tried to log in or signed out of your website on a daily basis. All of this information will be displayed to you promptly.
  16. Website Health Score – A rating on the current condition of your website will be shown to you which will give you an idea of the current condition of the website.
  17. Easy maintenance mode panel – Simplify website maintenance with an easy-to-use maintenance mode panel. Efficiently toggle maintenance mode on or off.
  18. Global slack webhook configuration – Effortlessly streamline your communication with our Global Slack Webhook Configuration! Connect your all preference with easy check and stay in the loop with instant alerts, ensuring seamless collaboration and real-time updates across your team.
  19. Theme activation alert – Experience ultimate control over your website aesthetics! Receive immediate alerts the moment your theme is activated. Stay ahead of the game and ensure a smooth transition whenever changes occur.
  20. Theme deletion alert – Protect your theme environment! Our Theme Deletion Alert keeps you informed about any theme bidding farewell. Stay proactive and prevent accidental deletions with timely notifications.
  21. New Theme installed alert – Embrace the new look! Get notified as soon as a fresh theme is installed, allowing you to stay on top of your website’s visual identity effortlessly..
  22. Settings General page modification alert: – No modification goes unnoticed! Receive instant alerts for any changes made on the General Settings page. Stay informed and maintain control over your website’s settings with ease.


🌟 Enable day to day notification for review – With the help of this plugin, you can start getting daily updates as well. New reviews will be sent to your Slack account promptly, saving you from having to repeatedly receive the same reviews.

🆘 Enable day to day notification for support: – With the help of this plugin, you can start getting daily updates as well. New suppor query will be sent to your Slack account promptly, saving you from having to repeatedly receive the same query.

📊 Enable weekly plugin download notification – You will get a weekly calculation in the form of notification of how many users have downloaded your plugin daily in your Slack workspace.

🔄 User Role change notification – As soon as a user’s current role is upgraded or modified, you will be informed.

🔐 Lost password? Reset notification – You can find out if someone has changed the password by attempting to recover a lost password.

🔐 User account password change notification – Additionally, you will be able to determine whether someone has altered their password on their own account.

💸 Coupon uses notification – Get notified on Slack when someone purchased product using coupon code.

🛍️ Sales Notification to Slack – Get notified on Slack when someone makes a purchase on your website.

⚙️ Unwanted Site Script Modification – Get notified on Slack when there is an unwanted modification in the website’s script.

🚨 Site Hack or Security Issues – Get notified on Slack when there is a potential security issue or hack on the website.

⏰ Order not completed reminder – Receive timely reminders on Slack for any incomplete orders, allowing you to follow up and potentially recover lost sales. .

✏️ Product editor notification – Stay informed about any changes made to your product listings with instant notifications on Slack. This helps you track product updates and ensures accurate and up-to-date information for your customers. .

🚚 Shipping Status Updates – Receive real-time updates on shipping statuses directly to your Slack account. Keep customers informed and enhance their experience by providing timely delivery information. .

📬 Billing & Shipping Address notification – Stay on top of any modifications to billing and shipping addresses by receiving instant notifications on Slack. This ensures that you have the most accurate information for order fulfillment and customer communication. .

🚧 Advance Error Log panel – Access an advanced error log panel directly through your Slack workspace. Monitor and troubleshoot website errors efficiently, enabling quick resolution and improved site performance. .

🐞 Active debug mode from site – Activate the debug mode for your website directly from site. This feature enhances your ability to identify and address issues promptly, streamlining the debugging process for a smoother website operation. .

🚨 Get error notification – Receive immediate notifications on Slack for any errors detected on your website. Stay proactive in resolving issues to maintain a seamless user experience and prevent potential disruptions to your site’s functionality.

🔐 Login event with IP location alert – Stay vigilant with our Login Event Alert featuring IP location details! Receive instant notifications whenever a login occurs, providing you with valuable insights into user activities and enhancing your website’s security.

🚫 User deletion event alert – Keep track of user management with our User Deletion Event Alert! Receive timely notifications when a user is deleted, allowing you to stay informed about changes to your website’s user base.

🔐 Authentication failed alert with IP & Location – Boost your site security with Authentication Failed Alerts! Receive notifications containing IP and location details whenever authentication failures are detected, empowering you to take swift action against potential threats.

📄 Page create or updating alert – Never miss a beat in your content creation journey! Get notified instantly when a new page is created or an existing one gets an update. Stay on top of your website’s dynamic content effortlessly.

📝 Post create or updating alert – Stay in the loop with real-time notifications for post creation or updates! Keep your content fresh and engaging by being promptly informed whenever changes occur.

🏷️ Post taxonomy alert – Keep your content organized! Receive alerts for taxonomy changes in your posts, ensuring a structured and well-categorized content landscape.

🗑️ Page/Post make trash alert: – Prevent accidental deletions! Receive alerts when a page or post makes its way to the trash, giving you the chance to recover content seamlessly.

🔄 Page/Post untrash alert: – Give your content a second life! Receive notifications when a page or post is restored from the trash, ensuring you never lose valuable content.

🚮 Page/Post deleted alert: – Stay informed about deletions! Receive alerts when a page or post bids farewell, allowing you to manage and organize your content effectively.


Your must-have notification plugin is Notifier to Slack, which offers a ton of UNIQUE free and paid features. You can easily sync an infinite number of notifications from your preferred plugins and have them sent straight to your Slack channel with the free version. This enables you to easily keep an eye on plugin updates and website activity without spending any money. For free, monitor user activity, improve the security of your website, and get real-time updates on WooCommerce product sales and other matters.

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