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Revolutionizing Online Forms: Introducing New Features for Simple Form – Advanced Drag and Drop Builder

5 February 2024

Revolutionizing Online Forms: Introducing New Features for Simple Form – Advanced Drag and Drop Builder

In the fast-paced digital age, user experience is critical, particularly when it comes to online forms. To meet changing needs, Simple Form, the Advanced Drag and Drop builder, is pleased to deliver ground-breaking innovations that improve form generation, user engagement, and security. Let’s look at the intriguing new features that are likely to change the way we collect and manage data online.

Elevate Your Online Forms with Simple Form's New Features: E-Signature, Custom Captcha, Cloudflare Captcha, and Page Breaks

Page Breaks: Crafting User-Friendly Experiences

Long and complicated forms can be a huge turnoff for users, resulting in abandonment and incomplete submissions. Enter the “Page Break” option, a game changer for dividing forms into digestible chunks. By strategically placing page breaks, the form changes into a user-friendly, step-by-step process that users can easily traverse. This not only enhances the user experience, but also increases the likelihood that respondents will complete the entire form, resulting in increased submission rates.

Page Breaks: Crafting User-Friendly Experiences

Cloudflare Captcha: Bolstering Security with the Power of Cloudflare

In an age when internet security is critical, Simple Form now includes Cloudflare’s captcha tool. This sophisticated security technique provides an additional layer of protection by validating that the user is human. Cloudflare’s capabilities are used to prevent automated bots from submitting the form, guaranteeing that only legitimate users may do so. This functionality is critical for eliminating spam submissions and safeguarding sensitive data, making Simple Form a trustworthy option for secure data collection.

Custom Captcha: Adding an Extra Layer of Human Verification

Simple Form now offers the Custom Captcha feature for those who desire a more customisable captcha solution. Instead of relying on generic challenges, users are asked to do specific arithmetic operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and so on, to authenticate their submission. This novel approach not only ensures human verification, but also adds a level of participation to the form-filling process. Custom Captcha is a versatile option for those looking for an original and effective way to screen out automated submissions.

E-Signature: Transitioning to Paperless Agreements

The digital world necessitates paperless solutions, and Simple Form responds with the addition of the E-Signature capability. Users can now include an electronic signature area in their forms, which makes it easier to sign agreements, contracts, and other documents. The offered canvas enables users to draw or submit their signatures easily, eliminating the need for real signatures. This functionality not only speeds processes, but it also helps to promote environmental sustainability by lowering paper consumption.

Crafting the Future of Online Forms

With these new features, Simple Form emerges as a comprehensive solution for form creation, offering a versatile, secure, and user-friendly experience. Simple Form can help you streamline data collecting, increase user engagement, and secure important information.


As the digital realm evolves, so must our interactions with online forms. Simple Form’s latest features, Page Breaks, Cloudflare Captcha, Custom Captcha, and E-Signature, are intended to improve the form-building experience. Embrace the future of online data collection with a solution that blends innovation, security, and user-friendly design.

Upgrade your online forms with Simple Form’s latest capabilities; the future of form-building has arrived. Transition seamlessly to dynamic, secure, and user-friendly forms that improve the data gathering experience. Whether you’re focused on user engagement, security, or efficiency, Simple Form provides the tools you need to create forms that stand out in the digital landscape. Elevate your online forms today and remain ahead of the game with Simple Form, where innovation meets simplicity.

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